BALKAN RUN „TOGETHER ON THE ROAD“ 2019 is the first of its kind auto-moto festival, which collects „under one roof“ all lovers with petrol in the blood, whether on four or on two wheels. The event takes place from August 8th to August 11th, 2019, in the resort of Borovets. It is an exceptional opportunity for the automobile and motorcycle brands to present their products in the framework of exhibitions and the teams – their competitors during presentations.

BALKAN RUN „TOGETHER ON THE ROAD“ 2019 runs under the slogan „Together on the Road“ because whether we drive in or out of town, there is room for everyone. The principle of tolerance should be the guiding principle when we sit behind the wheel. And when we are together, we are strong enough to reduce the incidents to a minimum.

BALKAN RUN „TOGETHER ON THE ROAD“ 2019 gives everyone something – whether listening to folk, rock or techno music. On the territory of the festival there are 3 scenes, each with different types of music.

BALKAN RUN „TOGETHER ON THE ROAD“ 2019 is our territory to see, get to know and entertain TOGETHER ON THE ROAD within 4 days with lots of games, raffles and races.

For contact:
+359 877 724 226